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I’m Definitely The Statistic

6 months. 6months is all it took before I finally quit. First 3 months was smooth, I started during peak season and was immediately thrown into my own route of 190 stops my first weeks. I never had a nursery route thanks to peak, so immediately I got hit with the full force of this bs ass job. I should of known at that point this job was a no.

To begin my story u must know my Dsp’s: A (absolute dickhead I hate him), D (cool but lazy), J (a real one) and T (another real one), JNB (owner)

Alright so over the time I get decent routes, nothing to complain about, until 3 continuous days of of dsp A sending me rescues to my personal instead of the work phone, it’s getting to a point where it looks like bro is trying to set me up to seem like I don’t wanna rescue when I truly don’t touch my personal while working. Dsp A calls On my way back to the station to tell me he don’t appreciate me trying to avoid helping and accused me of deleting messages from work phone. I reported this to our lead JNB. This didn’t help and dsp A continues to push my buttons. Few months later he gets me to another pint of fuming as he sends me a message saying “missed stop sign, any more violations with result in an aggressive write up” ofc I asked what he meant cause I felt threatened and also explained I ain’t past it, mans continues with the same warning. I just text dsp T and say anything else that needs to be said by y’all please come from u and only u. Next day dsp A had to formally apologize to half the staff because he had us fucked up.

Now everyday here is an adventure, could be a good day or be really bad. I was getting to a point where 85% of my where getting worse, then my residential route was switched to rural and now my last few weeks were hell. Dirt / gravel roads filled with livestock, also ran over 3 different puppies, it’s 6:45pm daylight Savings and I’m in a rural area where street lamps are placed every 7 miles

So as I pull out I don’t see the Honda holding a family until I hear a car horn and see them driving off road and almost collide with a tree. And I hate to say waste but that’s what I’m doing in amazons in eyes. But I waste time making sure the family is alright and I hop back into the truck to see Dsp sent me to grab 2 bags… I’m still currently working on my last 6 stops. Now it’s 7:40 heading to my last stop just to get stuck in a ditch….silence, then laughter, then anger set in at the thought of my situation, waiting 2hrs for a tow truck, having to rescue in the first place, I mentally snapped.

Im laughing like the joker and im spamming the steering wheel left n right trying to free myself myself and by the grace of god I do it! Finish my route and head 15 mins out to rescue, remember 2 bags, THATS ALL SHE FUCKING HAD LEFT AND ILL BE DAMNED IF I DO HER WORK SHE CAN GET HOME BEFORE ME.

I was pissed and I took her lightest bag and the shit was in the ONLY AND FIRST area I seen that was residential in area I thought was completely rural, pissed me off more cause if her whole route was this then why am I helping her, but I finished her route and had to drive 38 mins back to the station just for every lane to be filled and a line of vans wrapping around towards the front of the building and with my long traumatic day I just parked that it in the back and went home. lead JNB suspends me and when I came back they then gave me the same route I struggled. I felt like that showed how much they ain’t care so I stopped really giving a fuck, turned in my 2 weeks new job finally hit back.

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